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With over 20 years expertise in the IT sector, Micro & Macro IT Solutions has been providing business' with specialised IT services across a wide array of technical areas such as IT support, professional services, project management, software development, server and network design and configuration including cloud and hosted services, IT security services and also the design and construction / fit out, moves and electrical and data cabling services

Micro & Macro also specialises in many verticals including healthcare and can provide IT services to the medical sector in areas such as eHealth consulting, healthcare informatics, Electronic Medical Record systems (EMR) services, clinical, medical and financial systems integration, software development, customisation and data reporting.

Other significant verticals we work with include retail and we work with clients with a national presence in all states and territories across Australia

Total range of IT services include:

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If your organisation needs assistance with:

  • Greater focus on your technology investments and their return on investment

  • Manage your technology assets and costs

  • Provision of superior IT service and support, commitment and flexibility in the way these services are provisioned with an understanding of how your business runs

  • Re-assurance that your systems are setup professionally, are stable and secure thereby maximising your productivity and peace of mind

  • Technology to increase your business efficiency and competitiveness

  • Ongoing innovation, workflow enhancements and digital transformation projects

  • Helping you meet your compliance obligations

MICRO & MACRO would be happy to discuss your particular requirements:

  • Free consultation to discuss your needs

  • Provide IT health-checks

  • Develop your IT strategy

  • Hardware and Software procurement

  • IT project management and implementation

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • See how your business could take advantage of technologies such as cloud and VoIP

  • Help you to focus on your day to to day work rather than worrying about IT operations

  • Assurance that your various phone, data, internet, licenses, SaaS systems and subscriptions are most effective for your business

  • Provide you with the technical expertise to help your team succeed